Site Coordinators

In order to better serve our site coordinators, we have provided on these pages many of the materials and items you may need for a successful Wisconsin Education Fair. If you feel there are still documents or areas missing, please contact Jenn at

WEF Logo (.gif)
WEF Logo (.jpg)
WEF Logo (.doc)
WEF Logo Labels (.doc)
WEF Logo with text (.doc)
WEF Puzzle Pieces (.pdf)

2005 Color Poster (.pdf)
2005 Black and White Poster (.pdf)

Sample letters and materials:
WEF Letterhead (.doc)
Public Service Announcement (.doc)
Questions to Consider (.doc)
WEF Regulations and Ethics (.doc)
Sample letter to the editor (.doc)
High School Participation Survey (.doc)

WEF Invoice (.doc)
WEF Evaluation Form (.doc)
WEF On-Site Coordinator Final Report (.doc)
WEF 2006 Participant Agreement Form (.pdf) updated for online entry