College Representatives Preparing for the Fair

Even if you've been on the fair circuit for years, we hope these few tips may assist you in a successful college fair and yield you many information cards. If you are new to Wisconsin Education Fairs, Inc.and the college fairs in Wisconsin, we welcome you to a great event and way to connect with many students, parents and school counselors and meet some of your colleagues in an organized and convenient travel schedule.

Attire: We don't have a dress code, but your school might. There are Show Your Color days where representative may wear their school colors-polos, sweatshirts, track jackets, etc.

What to bring: Lots of materials to hand out to those attending the fair. Don't forget to bring your confirmation letter and of course your parking permits, to avoid tickets at the hosting sites.

Hospitality: Well, if you are talking about the friendly faces and the nice people, it's great! Remember, college fairs only provide light snacks so don't count on a five-course meal. Each site is different, but in general, make sure to eat before attending the fair.

Table Arrangement: Again, each site varies, but we try our best to mix all types of post-secondary options. We try to separate popular tables and may even set up two tables to decrease the possibility of some other post-secondary flowing onto your table and increase the flow of traffic to all areas of the fair. A program and our students will guide you to your assigned table.

Rules: WEF, Inc. Executive Board has established a list of Regulations and Ethics. Please review these requirements prior to attendance to assure a successful fair and continued participation in the college fairs. Remember trinkets and give-aways are not allowed. However, if a student happens to walk off with one of your pens, what can we/you do?